Am I worried about Jay-Z?

Answer: yes, just a little. When he was bubbling hard in the double R, flashing the rings, money wasn't even an issue to him, and he was enjoying himself. What's not enjoyable about eating crab and watching people shake shit all night? Back then, he had some things to worry about, sure. Was he slacking on his pimping? Could he hit a R&B chick who would fit the bill? Still, times were good.

Now he's saying, more money, more problems- Big predicted this exactly. While I'm trying to get some chicks to do E, I'm worrying about these young upstarts spitting at me. I've driven every car; now I just want some home-cooked food and freshly laundered clothing. Where's the love? There isn't any, in the heart of the city nor in the heart of the town.

Well, Jay Z- at least you're honest. Having lived that glitzy hip-hop lifestyle, I can corroborate that it's only fun for awhile.

I was in Mandarin class yesterday, and I looked at my sister and said (in English- I can only talk about the weather and certain foods in mandarin), I think I'm instituting a no-nostalgia policy. She agreed with me, in English.

Yes, that's right: no more dwelling on the good old days. Flexing the rolex and signing checks for my whore may have been fun, but living in the present also has its benefits. Lots of benefits, actually.

And yes, I'm a little worried about Jay-Z because I don't want him to get burned out, and I'm not sure Beyonce is serious enough for him. She seems pretty happy all the time, and I don't trust that about her.

Wow- I guess I had a lot to say. Perhaps my new policy, after the nostalgia thing, will be to "emote" a little more.


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Leighton said...

First of all, I don't appreciate you saying that Beyonce is happy all the time. You don't know what's going on behind the persona, and you know she was upset about not receiving an Oscar nod for Dreamgirls!! Second, I think that Jay-Z has reached a very normal point of fame/wealth disillusionment. Did he think he would ever get tired of eating crab and watching people shake shit all night? No, no one ever does. I didn't. But it sneaks up on you.

At 9:47 AM, Blogger Leighton said...

Interesting that you chose to post a photo of Jay-Z's newly slimmed down figure. His weight loss is actually one of my biggest reasons for concern. I hope he is not starving himself.

Far-reaching implications: weight pressure has reached the world of hip hop and large-assed women have lost their final safe haven.


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