Some Horses are Needy

What is there to do at your parents' house, aside from eating free food and watching hours of television? Answer: look at your old stuff and remember what a cute kid you were. Here's a gem I found the other day in a primary book. From the look of the writing, I'd place it around second grade:

Some horses are speedy some horses are needy.
They like to run they think its fun.
They like to jog in the sun or in the fog.
All horses are tall in summer, winter, spring and fall.
There skin is tough and often rough.
I like to ride with my feet on either side.
They're hard to clean what you call dirty always rough and always sturdy.
The horses hair is gentle and fine if I had a horse I would call it mine.
Horses are precious and priceless
all full of gentleness all full of niceness.

Well put, little Meghan. I think we all learned something here.


At 6:09 PM, Blogger they call me the R said...

DIRTY sheets on Sunday morning: $200
APPLE(s) pie and warm ice cream: $2.50
CARROT Sticks in your lunch when your cohorts all have gummy bears: $-50
FINE, as a retort to everything: PRICELESS

At 1:42 PM, Blogger 5fk73zk said...

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