Open Letter to Neil Young re: "A Man needs a Maid"

Dear Neil,

Lately I've been frustrated with our relationship. We used to have so much in common...I guess I just feel like maybe you're not being that honest with yourself. Do you really think that if you hire a cute maid, and she comes over and dusts and vacuums your house, and cooks you some really tasty stew, that you won't start wanting more from the relationship? Then you will have a logistical nightmare on your hands.

Anyway, I think you getting off your ass and cleaning some house might snap you out of this depression you've fallen into. God knows it helped me with mine...but I'm a woman, so according to you, I do not have an inherent right to household help. You are intractable! Fine, okay- I'll do a few loads of laundry for you.


At 11:24 PM, Blogger Leighton said...

Man, he is sexy in red. Reminds me why I wrote my song, "A Leighton Needs a Neil."


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