santa fe or bust

There is something so strange about moving. I've done it a fair amount of times, and typically I give myself about an hour per time zone to adjust. After the first 2-11 hours, I wonder why I feel so disoriented.
This time, I am giving myself a year. That's right, an entire year to get used to this new place. I may need it- people here like to wear huge amounts of silver jewelry. This is new. Also, they are not obsessed with their weight or the shapes of their noses. They like to read. They are political. They walk instead of drive when possible. All this is new to me. I breathe in the air and it's not full of toxins. My lungs need a year to adjust to this.
Of course, I'm giving the OC a bad rap. We (again, it will be about a year before "we" means santa fe) do have a hit teen drama on the WB and a booming real estate market. Also, my dearest loved ones live behind the orange curtain so this year, I will refrain from value judgements. I will simply say, Santa Fe is a charmed place.
For my faithful followers, and assuming it's plural is a leap of faith (isn't it, Leighton), I appreciate you waiting out the summer for me to finally post something. I think I may have cleared up the whole "chinese character" problem. if it's still a problem, please let me know. I better go to bed. Our new dog Cody- pictures soon forthcoming- will be waking up the household in about 6 hours to play.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Leighton said...

how about from now on instead of me emailing you or calling you, i just post our personal conversations on your blog? as for the big silver jewelry, you secretly love it, and will soon be not so secretly wearing it and buying it as gifts. as for people not being obsessed with their weight, how are they going to stay beautiful, and by beautiful I mean skinny? they should keep a close eye on it, otherwise they risk losing their public worth. i miss you.

At 7:22 PM, Blogger they call me the R said...

let us get real for a moment apaches (did i even get the slur right?) the only beaughtiful people are the skinny people--the well proportioned, and i don't mean fat, may have some say in this matter but i would rather think not. Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder in places located below the equater--urban centers excluded. think jungles.

by the way thanks for notifying me that you have actually begun to write. Due to financial constraints--it looks like my dream of becoming a temporary NM interloper is about to fail, but i have yet to give up hope or learn to utilize proper grammar.

At 11:35 PM, Blogger YT said...

the plural of pog is pog


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