I was unpleasantly surprised when Siskel died, especially because he was the skinny one. In his place there is Roeper, who never disagrees with Ebert. When these two give something their "two thumbs up," this is what I think: Ebert liked the movie, Siskel is dead, and Roeper, you are just a yes man. Not that I ever watch their show, but I can just sense the dynamic. If the show was Ebert and Roeper and the ghost of Siskel, and they gave a movie three thumbs up, I would trust two of those thumbs and let me tell you, one of them would belong to a specter.
Here's another annoyance that I have with the movies: shitty movies. Yes, they really irk me.


At 11:11 PM, Anonymous donger said...

Now that Ebert is out on a sick leave, Roeper has gone mad with power. He is handing out thumbs up to every movie that doesn't feature beastiality.


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