Rats in the rafters

Listened to the new Wilco album tonight. It is very good, which is not shocking. Wilco doesn't depress me as it does some people. In fact, music in general doesn't depress me, even really bad music. Of all the media, movies have the greatest potential for putting me in a funk. Then, books. Then, found poems. Then, etchings. Then, paintings. Then cartoons, panpipe riffs, and drawings on napkins. THen, music in general.
Can you tell I have been studying large amounts of aristotle this week? I could easily divide that last paragraph into about fifty more detailed (and hence more interesting) paragraphs. Sadly, I must go to bed. And yes, I can hear some rats of nimn rattling up through our walls. I should probably go make them poison peanut butter sandwiches. Lucky for you, rats, I'm going to bed. Lucky for you,too, my faithful following.


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